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The BBC is on the hunt for a new set of comedic clergy – not to replace the Vicar of Dibley or the Father Ted team, but to star in a new show called ‘Old Vicars Telling Jokes'.

It's the way he tells them...

The BBC Four programme is intended to be fun, warm, and light-hearted, and was inspired by the success of a pair of programmes produced last year called ‘Old Jews Telling Jokes’.

The concept was taken from an American website of the same name, which features short videos of older Jewish folk retelling their favourite gags.

And now programme makers want to build on the format, which they feel demonstrates the warmth at the heart of the joke tellers.

A spokesman said: “The BBC has now commissioned a short series of British versions of this successful programme and one of them is ‘Old Vicars Telling Jokes.’

“So, we are searching for vicars, chaplains, rectors, deans, ministers (we’re nothing if not inclusive) and other ‘Persons of Cloth’ aged over 60 who would like to tell us their favourite gags on camera.

“Filming will be a lot of fun, we want to make it a friendly, social event, there won’t be a massive, intimidating audience and it won’t take very long. We will be setting up a couple of filming days in August – one in London and one outside of the south east.”

Anyone interested in contributing, should email  or call Dan Trelfer on 020 8576 4317.




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