New ACT report promotes gender equality

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The ACT Alliance, a group of 125 churches and related organisations that work together in humanitarian assistance, advocacy and development, has launched a new report that promotes gender equality and justice for women, to mark International Women's Day.

The "Clapping with Both Hands" report details fifteen case study programmes from thirteen different countries. The aim is promote justice and good practice in societies where women are often marginalised, excluded or denied justice.

The report shows how the alliance run programmes have worked alongside governments, institutions and other organisations to train and educate officials. They also worked with women in the community by offering them support and advice to encourage greater participation in the social and political arena, and access services such as healthcare and legal advice.

John Nduna, General Secretary for the ACT said: "The title, "Clapping with both hands", signifies the need for women and men to be jointly engaged in strategies to promote gender equality and gender justice. Our work shows that it takes men and women working together to succeed."

The report highlights their work following the humanitarian crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo. ACT member Christian Aid together with the Central African Baptist community helped rape victims gain justice, by supporting women to press charges against army soldiers. They also worked with the judicial system, the police and community leaders to see the process through.

In Mali, there was a 42 per cent rise in female candidates on the election trail, following an ACT campaign to educate and mobilise women in greater political participation.

John Nduna said: "Our hope is that the report will inspire development practitioners around the world and spark new energy for gender equality in many different contexts."

The ACT is made up of churches and agencies from around the world, including UK based Christian Aid, and members of the Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, Anglican and numerous other church groups. To access your copy of the report, click here.



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New ACT report promotes gender equality Discussion

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