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  • Happy Birthday Derek the Cleric!

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  • Me o my! Who would have believed that it is three years since I first set foot (with great trepidation, I will add) onto the World Wide Super Highway and began ‘blogging’.


God Breaks Through on a Converted Welsh Farm

The Grace Outpouring is the story of a converted farm in the hills of West Wales where God breaks through.

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Shola Ameobi: shining for Christ and 'The Toon'

Newcastle striker, Nigerian born Shola Ameobi, knows where his priorities lie.

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We Talk to William Sirls, Author of 'The Reason'

William shares his turbulent journey to faith and his 'icebreaker' novel which sparks a dialogue of faith.

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An Unexpected Friendship: JRR Tolkien & CS Lewis

Colin Duriez reveals the lives of Christian literature's most imaginative writers: JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis.

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'Jesus Killed My Church!'

The title of Randy Bohlender's new book is best thought of as a confession rather than an accusation.

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